“Molly Davis dips deeply into the recesses of our souls with this fresh look at drinking and the state of modern women's angst. Part memoir, part ode to wine, part cautionary tale, this small but powerful and elegant book urges us to explore not so much why we pick up a glass of wine to begin with, but what's going on in our heads when we pour that second, or third. She wants us to ask ourselves the same questions she started to ask herself when she realized that drinking wine was becoming more of a coping mechanism than a delicious accompaniment to a great meal. Thankfully, Molly doesn't ask us to stop or even slow down since she talks to her readers as the grownups we are and acknowledges how truly complicated and challenging life can be. She knows we are capable of making these decisions for ourselves. But, she does encourage us to be more mindful with each sip we take. I, for one, found myself enjoying my favorite Pinot Noir even more after reading this honest and lovely book. Instead of gulping it down as I sometimes did without realizing, I now consider each sip and reward a particularly good wine with the attention it deserves. In fact, as I was reading, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon was in my hand.”

Barbara Hannah Grufferman  Author of The Best of Everything After 50, Contributor: AARP, Positive Aging Advocate

BLUSH is not just about Davis’ relationship with wine. It is the depiction of how a woman, no matter how accomplished she is, struggles with her role as a mother, wife, and professional—the struggles that most women quietly experience themselves. It is a book that all women of all ages ought to read and start discussions amongst themselves on how to help each other find their own wisdom and strength.”

Sarah Brokaw, LCSW, Author of The New York Times Best Seller Fortytude, and host of the podcast series, “Shared Secrets

“Anyone who has tried a low sugar diet knows the tragedy of losing that evening glass of wine. I read BLUSH in an afternoon, while drinking wine, because Sunday calories don't count. Through personal experiences and probing curiosity, Molly Davis provides a fascinating exploration of the role wine plays in the lives of women's increasingly busy, increasing pressured lives. Instead of getting into the serious land of addiction, BLUSH invites the reader to cultivate an awareness that mindless wine consumption can quietly approach the territory of crutch and habit. BLUSH encourages women to get real about their wine. Better to enjoy it, no matter what kind of day we've had, rather than count on it to get us through the rough ones.”

Lela Davidson Best-selling author of Blacklisted from the PTA, founder of Second Story Writer's Workshop, and national speaker on media, marketing, and faking work life balance.

"I fell in love with BLUSH and its courageous, honest and humorous account of women's relationship with wine. Molly Davis invites readers to cultivate curiosity about this dynamic without judging. This is a topic about which many women remain silent, and BLUSH brings it to light by creating a safe space for dialogue and reflection.

This book is filling a long-existing gap in the literature about woman and wine. It's a relief to read about something many of us turn to for complex reasons. BlUSH is generating a much needed conversation that is both clear and compassionate."

Signe Darpinian, MFT  Author of Knock Out Dieting: Create Peace Between You, Your Body and Your Food.           www.myweighfamilytherapy.com 

“There is no greater act of love than being reconciled to the truth and possibility of who we are, of why we are. ‘BLUSH’ is an invitation to that reckoning as only a dearest friend can provide it: one part warm embrace, one part kick in the ass. I am reminded in reading this generous book of my own forms of avoidance, my own hiding places. And I am resolved to step out from those familiar shadows with arms and hands open wide to receive myself just as I am. Warmly recommended.”

David Berry Author: A More Daring Life: Finding Voice At The Crossroads of Change                                                                                             Founder:  Rule13 Learning  Speaker, Author, Advisor

"BLUSH weaves a tapestry of a woman’s relationship with wine, love, self-discovery, life lessons and grace. Molly Davis shares her own personal life experiences while encouraging women to examine theirs, and in the processto find their own voice."

Molly Ruscoe Director US Licensing -  adidas

"The honesty of the conversation and how the author brings the reader into it, takes my breath away. Deeply moving." 

Barbara Bell Captain & Test Pilot, US Navy Ret.                                                                                                                                                               Doctoral Candidate Ed.D - Vanderbilt University

"I'm in love. The book is beyond fabulous. Authentic and touching. This book will let women of all ages become acutely aware we all have different but similar "stuff"."

Carol Cable CEO Comfort Hospice Care

“Reading Blush is just like sitting down with Molly in some place warm and cozy place and having a long heart-to-heart conversation about the many aspects of life in a real and honest way. Molly’s beautiful voice - so wise, introspective, insightful, melodic and soothing - along with her facility to reach deep inside herself and connect so many threads from history, literature, music and social consciousness with her own personal history, is uncanny. Whether you drink wine or not, a little or a lot, we can all relate to using something to cope when things get tough rather than face what’s really troubling us. Molly captures the courage it takes to face and own it, step out behind it and into being who we truly are. And that is the most beautiful thing of all.”

Katherine MacKinnon Feng Shui Practioner