Photo by Tom Pierson

Photo by Tom Pierson

My perspective is that coaching is a helping service that provides a safe space to engage in courageous thinking.  Through the use of a consistent and practical approach, coaching empowers you to hear yourself more clearly. It is intended to help answer three essential questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to go? 
  • How will you get there?

Coaching is, at its core, a process leading to ongoing discovery. Working together, we will clarify your vision, define the way forward and equip you for the trail.  (Virtual, Phone and In-person options.)

"Working with Molly has been such a joyful gift. She effortlessly creates a space where I feel safe, my mind and heart open up, I am authentic and unscripted. In my work with her I have peeled back layers and unsurfaced what is next for me on my journey of self-discovery.  I am grateful for her insights and support; it is like having a trusted friend walk beside you."  - Lucy Buckner
Photo: Tom Pierson

Photo: Tom Pierson


My purpose is to engage and challenge audiences to connect more deeply to what they care about, inspiring them to meaningful action. Through the use of story, humor, and practical application, content will be tailored to reflect your desired message and outcomes for the audience.

"Our audience was energized, highly engaged, and everyone received something they could apply to their lives."
- Women in Communications


FACILITATING:Workshops & Retreats

My approach to facilitation is to engage participants in an interactive, relevant, reflective and provocative experience, leading to new insights, deeper understanding and meaningful change. 

“She is perhaps the most gifted facilitator and trainer I have ever met. She is true and leads by example. She knows who she is and what she stands for. Always professional. Always engaging. Always fun to be around."

 - Mark Christensen, Founder/President at Learning Point Group