Leaving It Behind

Getting into a new rhythm can be challenging, and moving from the expansive days of summer that unfold a bit more organically, to the shortening days of fall where more structure can be called for, is one such time. Yesterday during a drive to the High Camp trailhead I could feel the many commitments, engagements, and responsibilities chasing behind me and I began to feel more than a little panicky. There were too many moving parts to keep track of and they all just began to swirl together into one big murky mess. Sharing my growing anxiety with Tom, he listened thoughtfully, and then after a few moments replied…

Think of it this way Mol. Today we are headed for a beautiful hike and we have everything we need in our packs. Those other things that feel like they are looming large right now aren’t what today is about. Today is about hiking up a trail through breathtaking country, and enjoying the day together. Those other things? They don’t need your attention today, and are waiting for you back at your desk, are scheduled on your calendar, or are jotted down on your list. When you are ready, you can take them on, one at a time.

Not right away, but gradually, his words sunk in, and I began to catch my breath. My pack was filled with what I needed for the day, and nothing more. The rest of the mental clutter was, as Tom said, waiting for me back home, and had not been invited to join me on the hike. Over time, it will all get done, but for now it was time to hit the trail.