Dirty Baby

As soon as he was out of the car he made a beeline first for the driveway to play with the gravel, and then for the front yard to scoop up handfuls of dirt from the latest gopher mounds. In short order, our grandson Cai’s hands were dirty, and his onesie covered in dust.

He was…. a happy camper.

A free range kid.

He wasn’t concerned about keeping things neat and tidy, or how he would look with a little dirt on his face. Nope. Not one bit. Cai was captivated by his surroundings and curious to explore the world within reach of his grubby little hands.

When did we forget how good it is to get a little, or a lot, dirty now and then? To forget what people might think, and allow ourselves to be captivated by the world around us and curious to explore the world within reach of our probably too clean hands?

As wee Can knows, life is too short to worry about clean fingernails.

Dirty Cai.jpeg