Off The Grid

We turned our phones off on Friday night. On Saturday we headed out on horseback for five days into the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains. Today, we turned them back on.

For five days we never heard a ding, ring, or ping alerting us to an incoming message, email, phone call, news update, or calendar alert.

For five days we heard the sound of the steady steps of our horses on rocky trails, the wind in the trees, the crackle of an early morning fire, and the deep quiet that can only be found in nature.

For five days the inner chatter retreated, making room for new thoughts to emerge.

For five days the outside world faded away, opening the door to the one within.

For five days the rush to get somewhere ebbed, making room for the present moment to flow.

For five days stress, distraction, and information gave way to space, discovery, and insight.

Driving down the road, returning to our lives, how do we use what we’ve experienced over the last five days now that we are back on the grid?