Read The Directions

Saturday, a day when projects of all kinds get started, worked on, scrapped, and maybe even completed, seems like a good day to re-visit some good advice. Whether building a house, a career, or a relationship, not to mention a garden shed, it helps to read the directions.

Any successful project is dependent in large part on a clear understanding of what it will take to end up with the outcome we want. Hence the need to read the directions. Granted, some directions are harder to read (ummm, IKEA) than others, (hello Apple), but taking the time to read them can make all the difference. There are things that come with instruction manuals, but others that have to do with building our life, where so much more is at stake, come with a blank page. That doesn’t mean however that there arent’ good instructions to follow. It simply means that it is up to us to go find them.

Rather than waiting for all else to fail, let’s read the directions before we even start. The wisdom and guidance we need to build the kind of life we want are ours for the taking if we have the courage and willingness to seek help when we need it. Even better still, to get it before we need it.