The Garage Day 6

One day this week my husband Tom and brother-in-law Bob loaded up two mattress sets and headed out to drop them off at an establishment that makes household goods, furniture, and clothing items available to the community. The mattresses were clean and in reasonably good shape, and according to the woman I spoke with on the phone, they would take them. However, when the guys got there, as it turned out, they wouldn’t, which left only one option—adding them to an already overflowing landfill.

Just about then a nearby volunteer walked up and quietly asked if she might be able to have them. She was a single mom who had recently moved here, and neither she nor her young daughter had a bed to crawl into at night. Long story short, Tom and Bob followed her to her apartment, carried the mattresses upstairs, along with a beautiful antique headboard and good bedding for both beds. And just like that, she and her daughter had a comfortable place to lay their heads.

If we keep our eyes open there are hidden treasures to be found along the way, even amidst the trash.