I Can Just Imagine

My catch phrase when I don’t have all the information and am trying to fill in the blanks is I can just imagine… I then go on to finish the sentence with some less than positive outlook on whatever or whoever is is the object of my anticipation. As in:

I can just imagine that so and so is frustrated with me.

I can just imagine that it is going to be a hard conversation.

I can just imagine it’s going to take a long time to resolve the issue.

I can just imagine that it’s my fault.

The problem with I can just imagine… is that most of the time what I’ve imagined is the opposite of what is true.

Anticipation is an interesting act. It can be the expectancy that something good, exciting, positive, or enjoyable is on the way. On the other hand, it can be the outlook that something bad, hard, negative or painful is just around the bend. When I am able catch myself in the act of the latter, I have a better chance of practicing the former. Imagine that.