Under The Weather

Like the weather, emotions are fickle. Sometimes blowing in like a winter storm, here one day and gone the next, settling in to stay like the snow piled up around our house, or like the blustery days of spring, changing by the minute. Emotions create the internal climate within which we live out each day, and like the weather outside, some days are easier to manage than others. On days when our emotions are dark and gloomy, the temptation is to imagine that the clouds will never lift. When our skies are blue, we might be inclined to take such days for granted, forgetting that another storm is on the way.

This morning my internal skies were clear, but yesterday they were gray, and my growing edge is to not take a down day too seriously. To allow it, like a storm front, to make its way across my inner landscape, and remind myself that one day does not an emotional weather pattern make.