A Safe Space

For the past four days I’ve been a participant at a spiritual conference attended by 2300 people. That’s a lot of people, and you would think that it would be almost impossible to create spaces for safe and intimate connection. But that is exactly what happened. Throughout the time together, periodically we would gather into groups of three to reflect on and respond to a question. We were given five minutes to silently reflect on the question, and then in turn, each person shared their thoughts with the other two. The purpose was to have an opportunity to share from the heart, and be heard from the heart. No commentary or expounding on what was shared. Simply to speak what was true and be heard. Prior to each time of reflection, sharing, and listening, we were reminded of and agreed to the conditions that would create a safe space within which to show up for one another.

Speak in the moment, from the heart. 

Be lean of speech. 

Listen from the heart. 

Respect confidentiality. 

While I will take many things from this conference, none more than the memory of the time spent with my small group of three, where we each were able to speak from the heart and be heard from the heart, and the conditions that made it all possible.