A wise man I know was fond of saying, When God wants to teach you something, He takes you on a trip. 

I’ve always loved that thought, and have found it to be true, with the caveat that more than teach us, God wants to travel with us. 

When I left my first marriage, my greatest fear was that I would have to leave God behind, or rather that I would be left behind, because divorce was one of those things that shouldn’t happen if I just had enough faith. What surprised the hell out of me was that God not only came with me, She helped me pack my things, load them into the car, jumped into the passenger seat, and yelled Shotgun!!!. 

It seems to me that God loves a good road trip, and rather than wanting to steer the car, wants to go along for the ride. The one in the passenger seat is able to point out the sights we might miss, alert us to dangers, and point out alternative routes. With our faithful Shotgun at our side, no matter where our travels take us, we’re not alone.

If we get lost, we’re not alone.

If we take a wrong turn, we’re not alone.

If we run out of gas, we’re not alone.

If we drive off the road, we’re not alone. 

If we crash and burn, we’re not alone. 

Today I Ieave for a weeklong trip to Albuquerque, and along with my beloved husband, I have no doubt that when it comes time to head for the airport, God will help us load our things in the car, and yell Shotgun!!! 

We are all on the trip of a lifetime, and no matter where we go, we’re not alone.


(God didn’t have a current headshot, so Gracie agreed to stand in.)