How Is Your Heart?

How is your heart?

This has become one of my favorite questions.

In my marriage, our family, and with close friends, it is a way to check in with one another, and there are days that seem to beg the question. Those days when we sense that something is going on in the heart of another, good, bad, or ugly, and the conversation that flows from this gentle invitation leads to deeper understanding.

Recently the answer offered in response to this question shed light on what it means to be fully human.

My heart is full.

We are meant to have full hearts.

A full heart has room, simultaneously, for both joy and sadness.

A full heart has the capacity to hold not only those emotions we welcome, but also those we resist.

A full heart can overflow with both gratitude and grief.

A full heart has space for both love and loss.

How is your heart?

It is a question that opens a door we can’t always open ourselves.

Melting heartjpeg