Grouchy is a feeling that sneaks up on me, and once here can’t be mistaken for any other feeling. Kind of like socks that bunch up in your shoes, a scratchy sweater, or pants that are too tight..

Grouchy usually shows up after I’ve given myself fully to things that matter, like meaningful work, a long stretch with family and friends, an important event, or supporting those I care about. All are endeavors I willingly choose, and immersing myself into those experiences make life rich and full. However, if not careful to schedule a bit of down time to breath in some quiet and exhale some intensity, grouchy slips in and makes herself at home. If I try to ignore her she settles in, and begins to invite some of her friends, like frustration, resentment, melancholy, and anger.

Grouchy will take her leave if I give her the courtesy of calling her by name, acknowledging her presence, and inviting her for a nice long walk.

Off to put on my walking shoes