The Gift Of Feedback

Today I had the privilege of facilitating a Learning Point Group workshop on leadership. We had quite a bit of discussion about the importance of feedback - both giving it and soliciting it. As the participants were about to dive into a self-assessment of their strengths and areas for growth, I suggested that they send a text to a trusted person, requesting feedback regarding a few strengths and one area for growth. I wasn’t sure if they would actually do it. Have the courage to reach out and ask for feedback, which as we all know, can be a scary thing.  

Well - they did it. Grabbed their phones, sent out a text, heard back with information that was relevant and helpful.

They chose to be courageous.

They knew who to ask. 

They heard back from those they texted.

They  received feedback that will help them see themselves more clearly, and show up more fully.

It’s easy for me to stand in front of a room and ask others to be courageous, but what I ask of them I must also be willing to ask of myself.   

So...before sitting down to write this I sent out a text requesting the same feedback.

I chose to be courageous. 

I knew who to ask. 

I heard back from those I texted.

I received feedback that will help me see myself more clearly, and show up more fully.

Here is what I heard - verbatim:


  • You are a connector - ideas, people and most beautifully exemplify how to connect to self and the power that comes from being intentional about that...I felt safe/vulnerable bc you were safe & connected with yourself.
  • You are genuinely interested in and concerned about the welfare of others.
  • You are young at know how to play and you do it
  • You know there’s “more” and you’re not afraid to say so and make plans to get after it...for you, your work, your marriage, your kids.
  • You are brave.


  • I don’t know if you are still deciding between “family focus” and “book focus” but it feels like you are deciding by not deciding.
  • What’s it gonna be?
  • Subtext: You know and I know that there is a HUGE audience for what you’ve written. If you are good “as is” that is awesome. If you are not, get moving.

Feedback is a gift.  

Who could you ask to provide you with trusted feedback that will help you see yourself more clearly and show up more fully? 


DB & AF - Thank you!