Why We Are Here.

Arriving at Rancho La Puerta this afternoon, it was time to check into our room. We are here as presenters, talking about the Matters That Matter, helping people consider how to live in a way that reflects what they care about. After Kristine and I pointed out luggage from that of the other guests, Marcos, a Ranch employee, loaded our bags onto a cart, and together, the three of us wound our way to Sol 13, our beautiful villa overlooking Mt. Kuchuma. As we walked, we asked him about his experience working for the Ranch, and life in general. That’s when it happened. The magic of connection, and a chance to see the goodness that every human heart is meant to hold.

Born in Los Angeles, he and his family moved back down to Tecate, but he returned to the states for the better part of his education. Armed with a degree focused on community education, he decided to return to Tecate, and work to make a difference in this town that he loves by opening a Community Center. It welcomes all ages, and enriches the lives of all who gather there.

The joy and sense of purpose that came through as Marcos described the center and the people who come there was palpable. His passion for what he is doing is clearly contagious, and others in his family have joined him in this work.

He shared with us that there are those around him that ask him why he returned to Tecate, when he could easily live in the US, make more money, and own a a brand new big truck. Clearly, those are not what drive him. He is driven by a deep sense that he is here to make a difference for the good in the world that is within his reach, and his 21 year old pickup gets him from here to there just fine.

As we arrived at our room, he simply said, “I may not be able to change the whole world, but I can make a difference in the world around me. Isn’t that why we are all here? ” 

Yes, it is.