The Best Laid Plans

First, we were meeting with a vendor to talk about new cabinets for my sister’s house. And then we weren’t.  

First, my husband was going to leave today, drop our dog off at the kennel, and be involved in three days of meetings. And then he wasn’t. 

First, we were going to meet with the mason at the site where my sister’s house is under construction. And then we weren’t.

First, I was going to a meeting tomorrow. And then I wasn’t. 

First, we were going for burgers at our favorite little cafe. And then we weren’t. 

Everything had been painstakingly planned out. All the ducks were in nice little rows, and life was nothing if not all neatly buttoned up. And then it wasn’t.

A winter storm changes almost everything. 

As I sit here in the car, writing this blog while waiting for our next favorite place to open for our burgers, the snow is falling and I’m reminded once more that we have control of almost nothing. Except our own response to how life unfolds. And maybe where to find a good burger.