The Day We Need

This morning one of my daughters called me on her way into work. Nothing huge, just a few moments of connection and talking about the thises-and-thats of life, and as she pulled into the parking lot, I asked her about the day before her. What did it look like? What did she want it to look like? She couldn’t pinpoint what kind of day it might be, or what sort of day she hoped it would be. As I sometimes do, I threw out a prayer over the phone for her to have “Exactly the day she needed. Amen.”

About to sign off on our call, it occurred to me, that our days often unfold in unanticipated ways, and bring us things we don’t want, wish, or hope for, and yet along they come. Just before hanging up I encouraged her, when one of those things showed up, to ask herself, “How is this thing that just happened part of exactly the day I need?” She liked that thought, and headed into work.

Anything that comes our way has the possibility of informing us, inspiring, nudging, challenging and transforming us. So before we get all wrapped around the axle about why the hell this or that had to happen to spoil, interrupt, or ruin our day, let’s take some time to consider how it might be part of exactly the day we need.

I don’t know what kind of day hers turned out to be, but I am trusting that whatever it was, it was exactly the one she needed.