Your Playlist

I’m a big fan of Spotify, and have created a number of playlists to have available depending on my mood, the task at hand, who else is within listening distance, and most especially, to create the right ambiance for the moment or occasion. If it’s time to sit down and write and I need something other than silence (or my ever present tinnitus), there is a Music-to-Write-By playlist. As guests arrive for a party, it’s Mood-Setting or Bon Iver-ish. When I want happy, or need happy, my go-to is Michael Franti.

The right music playlist can help us cope, ease stress, strengthen focus, access and amplify our emotions, and keep us company. The wrong one can increase anxiety, numb our emotions, distract our attention, and create isolation.

A music app isn’t the only source for the playlists we keep at the ready. We create mental playlists that we use to either help us on our way, or keep us stuck in our ruts. Rather than collections of songs, they are stockpiles of stories. Some so old and familiar that we don’t even hear them running in the background. They are our stories, and we’re sticking to them!

But we don’t have to.

Before the year gets any further along, wouldn’t it be great to take stock of our playlists? Whether musical or mental, now is the time to delete what no longer resonates or serves us well, add more to the ones that we love, and create new ones to carry us forward.

Curated carefully, our playlists help us compose the lives we are meant to live.