Front Loading

Last year got away from me.

Before I knew it, I was chasing after the days, and never seemed able to catch up. I felt perennially behind, and making time for who and what mattered, including time for myself, felt always just beyond my reach. It isn’t a way I’d choose to live, and yet chosen it I had.

Not this year.

In order to do it differently, the idea of front loading comes to mind. To front load an enterprise is to commit a large portion of energy and resources at the beginning in order to set that enterprise up for success.

January is my month to front load the enterprise that is 2019.

  • To look out over the year and build in time for who and what matters, including time for myself.

  • To look out over the year and build in margins and open space.

  • To lay the foundation for the work I will offer in the world this year.

  • To identify the filters through which I will run my decisions.

  • To practice the discipline of taking a birds eye view of my calendar.

  • To remember that just because there’s nothing scheduled doesn’t mean that time is available.

  • To take time at the beginning of the year to envision what it will mean to end it well.

The amount time I have in this new year won’t change.

How I steward it can.