Spread The Word

This morning my sister shared her approach to the holiday season now upon us. She has decided to choose a word to describe how she would like to experience this meaning-laden, complicated time of the year.

One word that would help guide her decisions, thoughts, and actions on a daily, and even a moment-by-moment, basis.

Like a mantra, this word would protect her mind from the onslaught of thoughts that tell her what her holiday season should be, inspiring her instead to imagine what it could be.

Like a star shining brightly on a holy night, this word would guide her steps.

This one word would be the filter through which she will run all of her decisions, and she is committed to making choices that will keep her true to her chosen word…


After spending a day which included trips to Costco, New Season’s Market, a liquor store, and Target, I’ve decided I need a word of my own.

Like a star shining brightly on a holy night, this word will guide my steps, and keep me true to my chosen word…


As you cast your eye to the other side of these long winter nights, what one word, like a star shining brightly will guide your steps?