Life has a way of humbling us. Of reminding us to not think too highly of ourselves or take ourselves too seriously.

Making a mistake in public brings us down a notch.

Taking on challenging work stretches us beyond the laurels on which we’d rather rest.

We go under the surgeon’s knife uncertain of the outcome.

Admitting when we are wrong can make things right in a relationship.

We become well known in our field only to become familiar with failing on a big stage.

When our weakness is on display it showcases our need for others.

The early death of someone we love brings us up short.

Being humbled doesn’t mean being cut down to size.

As Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and reentry program in the world, writes in Barking To The Choir, “It is, as they say in business, not a downsizing, but a right-sizing.”