1. Why did you decide to write a book about women and wine, and not women and alcohol in general?
  2. In the opening pages of BLUSH: Women & Wine, you describe an experience that literally demanded that you look at your own relationship with wine and commit to writing a book about it. What was that experience and why was it so powerful?
  3. You almost titled the book Wine, Women & Sorrow. Why did you change the title to BLUSH: Women & Wine.
  4. You say that "Talking about wine is trendy. Talking about drinking too much of it is not." Why is talking about drinking wine scary?
  5. How can wine become a mindless habit?
  6. You talk about using wine as an "exit strategy" to avoid dealing with pain, sorrow and loss. What happens when try to escape our own pain and sadness?
  7. What, from your perspective, are the underlying reasons that women drink too much wine?
  8. You devote a chapter to the issue of body image. Why include that in a book about women and wine?
  9. You say that women drink too much wine because they are drowning in expectations. What expectations? Whose expectations? How can women learn to swim and not sink?
  10. What does being a mom have to do with drinking wine?
  11. How can work drive women to drink too much wine?
  12. There is a chapter about your own need for grace as you looked at your own relationship and experience with wine. Why did you need grace?
  13. What are we really thirsty for when we drink too much wine?
  14. What did you discover about your own reasons for drinking wine?
  15. How has your relationship with wine changed as a result of writing this book?