a coach and teacher at heart, with over twenty years of national and international experience as a facilitator, speaker, coach, and  writer.

In 2017 I published BLUSH: Women & Wine. Not a book about alcoholism or never drinking wine again (phew!), it is an open-hearted and honest exploration of when and why I have used wine as a classy looking way to cope with stress, dull pain, and avoid uncomfortable emotions and issues.  And why other women might do the same. 

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Education, I took a position with Nordstrom to “pay the bills”, which turned into a 15 year career that included management and leadership experience.  Areas of focus included sales, operations, human resources, training, and coaching.  Wanting to take those skills to a new arena, I have spent the last 20 years as a senior facilitator and coach with Learning Point Group, focusing on supervisory and leadership development.

In 2015 I founded Trailhead Coaching  & Consulting to serve those who want to step more fully and courageously into their own lives, by connecting who they are with how they live.  My years in corporate classrooms, workshops, and retreats have given me ample opportunity to see the sadness and exhaustion in the eyes of those living out of step with themselves.  It took me lots of time and hard work to learn to live in alignment with who I am at my core. Today I have the privilege of helping others do the same. 

In 1997 I co-authored the internationally published book, Letters to Our Daughters with my best friend, Kristine Van Raden. Highlighted on the Oprah Show, it is a collection of letters from women to their daughters that shines a light on the common threads that connect us as human beings, regardless of our circumstances. Motivated by our cross-country book tour and subsequent invitations to speak, we co-founded Matters That Matter, a partnership providing keynotes, workshops and retreats designed to inspire others to live according to their own values, beliefs and priorities. These programs have been held at national conventions, annual fundraisers and world-class health spas.

Today I live with my husband Tom at the base of Mt. Adams in Washington State. I’ve come to believe that people and relationships matter more than anything, and family and friends top my priority list. I love gathering them together in our rustic home to eat good food, engage in real conversation, drink good wine, and find rest and renewal together. Many days you will find me in jeans and well worn cowboy boots.




A Few Things I Believe...


We are all

created in the image of God.


We are all

called to live authentic, wholehearted



We are all

called to love, help, and heal

the world that is within our reach. 



Photo: Tom Pierson

Photo: Tom Pierson

Molly Davis is  speaker, author, facilitator, and coach. 

Helping you connect who you are with how you live.