Why I Do It

Few things energize me more than connecting with clients and creating the space for them to courageously step more fully into their own lives. 

My years in corporate classrooms, workshops and retreats have given me ample opportunity to see the sadness and exhaustion in the eyes of those who are living out of step with themselves.   It is powerful and inspiring to witness others who are living in alignment with what they care about, having connected who they are with what they do.  It took me time and hard work to discover that for myself.  Today I have the privilege of helping others do the same. 

What I Bring

  • Deep listening            
  • Artful questions
  • Clear message delivery    
  • Story-telling
  • Self-deprecating humor    
  • Keen insight
  • Group awareness
  • Quiet strength
  • Strong presence        
  • Intuitive insight
  • Experiential wisdom        
  • Courageous compassion
  • A bit of irreverence 
  • Engaging style